Why bother : An fiú é ?

Welcome to Irish Easy and we hope you find it useful and entertaining. We have tried to show the importance of Irish and in our opinion the easiest way to approach it so as to be comfortable speaking ignoring at first less important points of grammar.

Fáilte go Irish Easy agus tá súil againn go mbeidh sé áisiúil agus taitneamhach daoibh. An cuspóir a bhí againn ná tábhacht na Gaeilge a thaispeáint agus an slí is éasca chun dul i ngleic léi ionas go mbeimis compordach í a labhairt agus neamh aird ar dtús a dhéanamh ar mion sonraí na gramadaí.

Why should we take the trouble to speak Irish?

Well in the first place it is something to be proud of

Gaeilge belongs only to us although Scots Gallic and Welsh are related and it has strong links to the Indian languages Sanskrit and Hindi It is also very highly regarded by language experts and it is also related to Arabic.

English is the international language and it is an advantage to have it

But Gaeilge spoken as well will instill national pride which is often weak :

A large number of national problems including economic ones may stem from this lack of pride. You only have to look at the major world powers to see that there is no lack of pride there.

As a small nation we don’t need to imitate the excesses of that pride but we need to be positive about ourselves.

Gaeilge spoken even by a section of the people is a major tool to achieve a positive outlook.

We all have experienced moments abroad when even the few words of Gaeilge are very useful indeed

But suppose we were able to have simple daily conversations as Gaeilge

The main thing holding us back from this is the false but common idea that Gaeilge is difficult to learn

The purpose of this blog is to show you how easy it is to speak Gaeilge at an ordinary basic level

As soon as you realise how wonderfully logical the language is your eyes will be opened

Many people especially teachers will say Irish is difficult but they are thinking of exams but we are aiming at ordinary conversation. Teachers are also bound by a system based on Latin : Irish responds much better to a natural cultural approach

Below is a short list of the reasons why Irish is very user friendly

1 Irish is totally logical and is also literal so that what you say is what you mean : this is not the case in other languages

2. It does not label the person directly with something that will pass : hunger is on me instead of I am hungry : tá ocras orm

3. It respects gender and all nouns are masculine or feminine

4. There is a special respect for women so that favourable ideas are feminine : this is deeply embedded in ancient gaelic culture

Examples : almost all countries, languages and rivers are feminine : our country’s name is Éire which is the name of a goddess in celtic mythology

5. There are only 11 irregular verbs of which 5 are almost regular : English has 200 ! French 100 ! Spanish 500 !

6. The more important thing is placed first unlike in other languages : so the dog little not the little dog : an madra beag

7. Irish is organic : so the meaning of Irish words comes almost always from other Irish words. English borrows from Greek, Latin, German, French etc. Other European languages borrow extensively from Greek and Latin.


anamchara : favourite

Fáthmheas: diagnosis Teasdíonadh : insulation

8. The singular is used after numbers instead of the plural

9. There are ideas from Indian philosophy included in certain phrases

10. Irish uses words to describe what is happening and this makes it flexible to deal with modern developments


Escalator. Staighre beo

Atm. (TA) Tobair airgid